Follow Ed and Cornelia on their cruise aboard A Cappella, a 42-foot Valiant cutter-rigged sailboat.

Our latest log, from November 23, 2012, is “A Cappella Greetings #68: Manly, Queensland, Australia.” Photos for this entry are here.

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Our position reports, generated whenever we send email from the boat via Winlink, the ham radio email system, are available from Winlink and from ShipTrak.  Both reports are from the same data, but with different displays. We also send reports to Yotreps (pronounced “yacht reps”). These are separate reports, and can sometimes be delivered when we can’t connect to Winlink. They’re available here. Yotreps reports are also updated when we check in on the Pacific Seafarers ham radio net.


The Sailing Vessel A Cappella